Property investment is indeed profitable because it is non-renewable or permanent and is always needed every time because of the growing number of people. Properties located in strategic places in urban areas can increase in value up to 20% per year. There are several types of property investment that you can try, namely buying a house, land, boarding house, or shop to rent and get passive income. In addition, you can also try more modern property investments, namely joint ventures and investment in condotel or hotel rooms. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a good condo for your investment, perhaps you need to check out the Parc Komo condo.

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A property joint venture is a solution for investors who intend to invest in property assets but only have limited capital. Here you and other investors buy a prospective property and share ownership. Next, if the property is resold sometime in the future, the proceeds of the sale will be shared with all investors in accordance with the capital contributed. Of course, you also benefit from the value of the property which increases with time.

Investment condotel, aka hotel condotel or hotel room, means that you buy hotel condotel units or hotel rooms that will be rented out to guests. You will get a profit-sharing from your hotel room rental rates from guests. The advantage of this investment is that it is very practical and easy because someone already manages your property both in terms of maintenance to promotion to find consumers.

To optimize profits, don’t get the wrong hotel or condotel that you want to buy the units. It is better to choose a hotel that already has a name because there is a greater chance to maximize profits. You can pay attention to tips on finding a strategic business place in choosing the location of the hotel to assess its potential, for example being in a famous tourist area, equipped with adequate and luxurious facilities, and professionally managed.

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