Kitchen utensils need to be taken care of so they don’t get damaged quickly. If the cooking equipment can last a long time, there’s quite a bit of irritation. Try to look at your kitchen, there are at least three materials commonly used in kitchen utensils, namely plastic, iron, and wood. It’s because it has a different texture and absorption, it is also different how to care for the three kitchen furniture materials. Meanwhile, if you want to buy new kitchen appliances, you can check out Subzero appliances.

Here’s how to take care of kitchen utensils that you can emulate:

Plastic Material

Get used to wash plastic equipment with warm water plus dishwashing soap, then dry. If you still smell the fat, you can refresh it with lime. We recommend that you do not use plastic as a container for freshly cooked food because of its carcinogenic risk (trigger cancer).

Iron Material

Because it is used for cooking and in direct contact with fire, this iron will be black on the beach. To clean it, you can use lime, pineapple, or soda solution as a complement to dishwashing soap.

For a more effective way, you can use a dishwashing cleaner made of aluminum fiber. This cleanser is very effective in removing the black color on the pan, just the bad effect, the thickness of the surface of the pan becomes reduced due to erosion.

Wood Material

As the nature of the kitchen is easily damp, the furniture is made from wood vulnerable to mold. Therefore, clean the entire surface with soap and rinse with running water, then air-dry until dry. That way, the cleanliness of wooden furniture is guaranteed.

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