Email marketing is considered to be the most successful marketing strategy even with the blooming of social media. However, without bulk email verifier, making sure that your email marketing is sent to your customer will be hard. With email verification, you will know which address is still healthy and active so your email will have lower bounce rates. With the help of email validation service, you could lower the number of bounce-back email marketing.

The service will help you use the double opt-in process. By using a double opt-in list, people who have signed up to receive email through your form will be asked to confirm their interest in the email. Although it looks more complicated, this method has been proven to be able to reduce the bounce-back rate. Later, the double opt-in list process will get rid of invalid email addresses, including those that have a typo. You could also conduct a regular delivery. Based on research, mailing that is done routinely tends to have a lower bounce back. An active list means sending emails at least once a month. If you haven’t used the list in a while, likely, some of the email addresses in it are no longer used. So, to keep the bounce back level within the minimum limit, send emails regularly to your database.

Do not forget to include the option to unsubscribe. Giving options to unsubscribe or update email addresses will prevent a bounce back even before it happens. For example, let’s say a list member signs up with one email address but decides to replace it with another address. He can easily update their email address in the preferences section. The person will not feel “restrained” because they can not “escape” from the e-mail messages received. Now is the right time to check your bounce back an email and make improvements if the results obtained are not following your expectations. Even though it seems “old school” when compared to social media, e-mail can still be quite effective in running digital marketing campaigns.

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