It’s necessary for homeowners to find out the cause of their leaking pipes. From the start of the shower in a clogged bathroom, the sink faucet keeps dripping water even though it has been turned off, until the water spray from the hose in the yard is not so tight are some of the bad possibilities that can be avoided if we know what could be the cause of the water pipe leaking. In the meantime, if you need the best plumbing service, you can call the

Here are the 4 common factors that make your pipes leak:

1. Corrosion Process

Pipes can’t last forever. Corrosion is unavoidable, especially if it has been a dozen years since the pipe in your house was installed for the first time. Corrosion process, which is generally difficult to detect, eventually will form openings that lead to leakage in water pipes. Besides being affected by the age of the pipe, chemical compounds that are contained in the water in your home are also considered. Unbalanced minerals and pH will accelerate the corrosion process.

2. Blockage

Blockage, especially in areas with high water pressure, has the potential to cause cracks that lead to leakage in waterways. This is why you need to always make sure that the waterways in your home are free from a variety of blockage problems. Perform routine cleaning and be alert to objects that are prone to clogging up to cause leaking water pipes.

3. Water Pressure

Do not fall asleep with the comfort of high water pressure at home. That might be a good thing for you but you need to know, the higher the water pressure the higher the risk of cracks in the pipeline can occur. If it’s cracked, things like leaks will be difficult to avoid. Adjust the water pressure at home to remain within reasonable limits.

4. Quality of Wall Plaster

A fairly common case is when the wall plaster used is of poor quality and is too hard to press the surface of the drain pipe. Pipes that are depressed over time will crack and not rule out the possibility to eventually break. That is where unwanted leakage can absolutely occur.
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