The bathroom is one part of the house that is quite important besides the bedroom. Although its main function is indeed used to clean the body (shower), it does not mean we can ignore the arrangement of the bathroom. A comfortable and clean bathroom is an absolute must for every home. A dirty bathroom will make the owner reluctant to use it even though the nature of the bathroom’s function is crucial. Meanwhile, of course, many who want bathroom vanities for convenience when using it will, therefore, need quality and beautiful bathroom decor and equipment Golden Elite Deco.

The bathroom also needs to be decorated and equipped with bathroom equipment. Maybe some of us also complain about the price of bathroom equipment and ask why bathroom needs are expensive. The intended purpose may be in the form of a toilet seat, sink, and even a water heater. That is the necessity of a middle-class bathroom so it’s reasonable if it is priced quite expensive. However, the price affects the quality so it’s no wonder some people prefer equipment that is rather expensive but durable.

In setting up a bathroom in your new residence, there are some things you should know to choose bathroom equipment and supplies such as faucets and showers. Here are the points that you should know.

Water faucet. This is one of the standard equipment in the bathroom that must be there. A water faucet is an equipment that will be used most often so it’s no wonder the possibility of damage is also getting higher – considering that many people use it in different ways and techniques. For water faucets, try to choose the highest quality faucets. You can ask the help of a saleswoman to help choose the best water faucets so that later the activity of bathing and cleaning yourself is not hampered by damaged faucets.

– Shower. Similar to water faucets, showers also become bathroom equipment which is quite important because it is used every time you shower. Try to choose a shower that is durable, not easily damaged, especially between the hose connection with the showerhead. Ask the salesperson to present some of the best shower alternatives for your bathroom, but also according to the budget made.

– Light. Because in the bathroom room is quite damp, you need to pay attention to the installation of lights for lighting. The bulb is good enough to be used for bathroom lighting. Place it in a corner or ceiling area, but it should be a bit far from the tub or shower area to minimize the lights exposed to water and become an error.

– Storage cabinets. In choosing a storage cabinet, of course, you must choose a storage cabinet made of plastic or similar waterproof material. Sticky cabinets are more recommended for you because sticky cabinets have much less chance of getting a puddle of water so that toiletries such as soap and shampoo are safer. Choose a storage cabinet that is equipped with a mirror and put a set with a sink to save space.

– Clothes and towel hangers. Other equipment that should not be forgotten is a hanger for clothes. There are many types of clothes hangers today, both separately one by one and many at once. To be more simple, choose a clothes hanger made of aluminium and is equipped with a protector at the end of the hanger to keep your clothes and towels from ripping. Placement of these hangers is usually placed behind the door, but if your bathroom wall area is relatively large, you can put it on the wall near the door.

Thus tips for choosing bathroom equipment and supplies along with structuring tips. Hopefully, this article can provide you with standard guidelines for creating a bathroom that is comfortable for all residents to use.

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