Affiliate Marketing is a program between Merchants / Advertisers and Affiliates. This sales concept is characterized by a success-based commission paid by the Merchant. The commission amount is agreed between the Merchant and his partner. The Affiliate is responsible for Affiliate-Portal and running of advertising space. Affiliate Marketing can be done online, but it can also go offline too. Meanwhile, if you’re also interested in an effective affiliate marketing program, you may want to ask yourself, what is clickfunnels? Then you need to check it out as soon as possible.

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How Affiliate Marketing Works

This type of marketing is a method of Internet Marketing and the way companies advertise their services and products. Therefore, companies look for Affiliates – sales partners – who place ads on their own sites, e.g. as a link or banner. The ad was created by the Merchant, so Affiliate is an advertising medium. Partners get paid in various ways described in the cost-per-action model in the following text.

Affiliate programs can be created by the Merchant itself in collaboration with selected Affiliates. Or, Affiliate networks offer a large number of Affiliates to merchants for a fee. Such networks often support both partners as well as campaign creation and commission payments.

Merchants and Affiliates

Merchants also called “sellers” or “advertisers”, are one of the two components of the partner program for Affiliate Marketing which is a sales collaboration and network partner. This is a component that offers partner programs and advertising material.

As an online merchant, the Merchant works closely with website providers, also called publishers or Affiliates who usually offer their websites as advertising media, e.g. for banners.

So through this collaboration, Merchants know that their products are presented to more potential customers, so in return, their reach will increase. To make the partnership as efficient as possible, Merchants must choose an advertising partner that has high popularity. In addition, the interest of the target group must be similar to achieve high advertising effects. Affiliates are a great complement to Merchants who are sales partners of campaigns that will benefit from Merchants, so they get paid for ad space.

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