In short, affiliation can be interpreted as “member” or “branch”. However, in online business terminology, the notion of affiliation experiences a little added meaning. Affiliate is a method to make cash by selling products from institutions or companies that have the product, by becoming marketers of the product, and (only) paid after the product is purchased by others. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more info about popular affiliate marketing software, you may want to learn about what is clickfunnels.

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For example, if you want to sell a house then your friend helps find a buyer. When a buying and selling transaction is successful thanks to the help of your friend, it is common for your friend to be given a commission for help.

Marketing affiliates come from revenue sharing practices where business income is shared between business affiliates. At the end of 1994, the concept of revenue sharing evolved into Affiliate Internet Marketing. CDNow is the first website to have affiliate marketing features. This is a music-oriented website that provides internet users with the facility to view music video listings and albums and also buy albums online.

The way to do affiliate marketing is diverse, but what is more popular is that all affiliate marketers make sales through “Special Links” (affiliate links) given by the affiliate merchant (the owner of the goods or services) to the affiliate marketer. When an internet user clicks on the link and makes a transaction, he is entitled to a commission.

Some common ways to make money through this form of marketing include:

– Pay Per Click.
– Shopping comparison.
– Pay Per Link.
– Pay Per Sale.
– Promotion business through the website.
– Email, blog, forum.

As for some of the benefits of affiliation, namely:

a. Without investment capital.
b. No risk of loss.
c. Very easy to run.
d. A very large income opportunity.
e. No need to experience selling.
f. Many choices and opportunity gaps.
g. Not dealing with packing and shipping.
h. No need to deal directly with buyers.
i. Do not take time.

Affiliate loss

One of the main disadvantages of affiliation is illegal internet practices and unethical advertising. They can mislead readers through fake advertisements.

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