Being a mother is not easy because they have to take care of all the needs of the household, take school children, and so on. Seriously? Housewives can’t be creative? Of course, you can, nowadays more and more women are active outside the home. Whether it’s active in physical activities outside or active in cyberspace. The opportunity for housewives to work is also broad, as long as they want to try. One of the provisions for housewives is English. Usually, people will ask, why do housewives learn English? What is the use of housewives taking a2 english test? Housewives work at home. You need to read the benefits of learning English for housewives so you can be sure that housewives also need to master the international language. Let’s take a look!

1. Teaching English For Children
The saying goes, Mother is the first teacher at home, or the first person to teach children many things. Starting from learning to walk, talk, to mathematics. So, it is not wrong even highly recommended that a mother has extensive knowledge. For example, you want your children to become astronauts or professors. So, a mother is a way for children to achieve these goals. How mothers direct and teach science other than at school. So, English is also very important to be mastered by mothers so they can teach English children properly and correctly. Who’s the one who doesn’t want to see their kids good at English? Immediately learn English so that our children can have the best private teacher, yeah it’s MOM!

2. Online Business or Career Mothering Outside The Home
A mother may work, as long as she gets permission from her husband. There are still many housewives who work outside the home. Whether in offices, in hospitals, in health centers, banks, and others. If a woman wants to focus on a career plus being a housewife, of course also requires English to progress her career. For example, a mother who is a lecturer. Surely he needs English language skills to be able to make international journals, research abroad, read English books and others.

But on the other hand, there are also housewives who focus at home but run an online business. This kind of business can take many forms, and of course, English is needed for the advancement of a housewife’s online business. Example: A mother who has an online store and has many customers from abroad, the language of instruction is English. So, let’s start learning English so that her business is more sophisticated and advanced.

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