The lowest component of the building is the foundation. The foundation of the building is to hold the burden of the building above it. Meanwhile, if your foundation needs to be encapsulated, you may want to call an expert on the foundation and Crawl Space Encapsulation.

Maintenance of foundation is carried out in general as follows:

1) Around the building or part that is close to the foundation body, an effort is made to be clean of tree roots which can damage the foundation.

2) Try not to have water that floods the foundation body.

3) The foundation should be maintained so that the water flowing around the foundation does not erode the surrounding soil so that the foundation is the same as the ground surface.

4) The foundation must be protected from a decrease that exceeds the applicable requirements.

5) If the building is located in an area of many termites, sprinkle or flush around the foundation with chemicals such as:

a) Aldrin.
b) Chlordane.
c) Dieldrin.
d) Heptachlor.
e) Lindane.

Mix with water in a ratio of 0.5% to 2.0%. The chemical mixture must be carried out according to the provisions so as not to have an impact on the surrounding environment.

6) For the prevention of buildings against termite attacks, in general, among others, use a chemical termite control system (barrier chemical system) before foundation work is carried out

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