Ceramics is one of the most familiar and frequently used interior materials. One of the rooms in residential which is close to the use of ceramics in the bathroom. To make it easier for you to realize the perfect bathroom design and the impression of bathroom vanities, let’s see how and tips on choosing the following bathroom ceramics!

1. Adjust the size of ceramics with the room

For large bathrooms, minimize the use of ceramics that are too small. If you like small ceramic patterns, use them in some places as decorative elements. For small bathrooms, the use of ceramic size can be more exploratory.

2. Play Safe with One Tone Color

Playing with colours is fun. However, for the bathroom impressed elegant, use ceramic colours that are still matching even though different. If you want to provide contrasting colours, use neutral colours like white and black as a pair to neutralize the atmosphere.

3. Pay attention to Ceramic Textures

Choose bathroom tiles that are coarse-textured so it doesn’t feel slippery even in wet conditions. The size is not too large also helps provide a rough effect on ceramic tile floors.

4. Understand Different Floor and Wall Ceramics

For corrugated wall tiles, pay attention to their placement because corrugated or textured ceramics on the wall will affect the placement of hanging cabinets or dividing glass.

5. Exploration of the Selection of Form and Installation of Ceramics

Although ceramics are generally square, you can explore with other shapes such as rectangles or rectangles. The installation can be intermittent. This will provide a better variation of ceramic joints and ultimately provide a less slippery floor texture.

6. Take advantage of Small Ceramics for Curved Fields or Patterns

If you have curved walls or want a curved pattern, use small tiles. This will give you a neater cut of the pattern than if you cut directly from a large ceramic tile.

7. Make the Choice of Ceramics More Contrast as a Statement Wall

From the choices of bathroom ceramics, choose a bathroom tile that has the most contrasting colour to make a statement wall while other softer colours can be the dominant colour in the bathroom.

This will help the proportion in choosing bathroom ceramics, so that bathroom ceramics still look comfortable even though using more than one type of ceramics.

8. Always Consider Treatment

When choosing bathroom tiles, always consider the treatment. If you want clean white ceramics, place in the area that is not exposed to dirt. Ceramics that are too small will also make a lot of grout connections.

This grout connection will get dirty faster so if you use too much small ceramic, it means there will be more area that needs to be cleaned,

By following the tips on choosing the bathroom ceramics, of course, the appearance of the bathroom and also its comfort can be better. Don’t forget, though ceramics are not the only elements that must be considered in a bathroom.

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