Why Worry About Colon Cancer When It Can Be Prevented By Your Diet

by dftassociation.org on February 9, 2013

Colon CancerIf you are threatened by the colon cancer illness as one of your relatives have suffered from it, then we will be able to ease your worries and fears by giving you some of the top facts and information about the diet to prevent colon cancer. Yes, you read it just right. You can stop worrying about this life threatening illness by just following the right diet. Watching the foods you eat is essential in putting all your fears and apprehension away.

Colon cancer is one of the common types of cancer that is experienced by most people of both genders. This condition is tagged as a silent killer because the person who is suffering from this illness is unaware of his condition; until such time that it is already too late. This is true since colon cancer is hard to be detected on its early stage as it has no symptoms to show. You will only learn it after it already reached the metastatic stage in which medications are no longer capable of combating it.

One best way to prevent colon cancer is to avoid eating foods that contain toxic substances. You must also avoid things that can expose you to harmful substances such as smoking, alcohol beverages, and of course, a poor, unhealthy diet.

Talking about diet, the foods you eat also play an extremely essential role in the prevention of colon cancer. We will share here some of the foods that are regarded by health experts very capable of fighting this cancer:

  • Broccoli – this vegetable contains potent anti cancer agents that can fight and prevent any form of cancer to Colon Cancer1develop in the human body. The anti cancer agents are the diinodylmethane and sulforaphane, which are both proven efficient in killing the cancer bacteria causes inside your body.
  • Yoghurt – one food that can vastly improve the health of your intestinal organ is yoghurt. This food contains the probiotic bacteria that are responsible in maintaining the balance of the flora inside your body and in preventing the pathogens potential colonization. Yoghurt can also prevent vitamin D deficiency, which is one of the reasons behind the alleviation of colon cancer.
  • Tuna – this food is essential in the detoxification process of your body.  This can also minimize the risk of the cell mutation and improve your heart health. Overall, eating tuna can prevent you from suffering with colon cancer as it keeps your body organ healthy.

While colon cancer is scary and capable of making your life miserable, there is no reason to allow yourself to live in fear, especially when there is a diet that can help you in preventing it from happening.

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