Why You Should Hire a Probation Attorney?

If you have been charged with a crime, you should always consult a qualified Alexandria probation attorney. Probation is an alternative to jail and can be a great way to help you avoid the harsher consequences of a conviction. However, there are strict rules that you must follow. These include meeting with your probation officer and following instructions. A probation […]

Jumping Through the Legal Hoops to Establish Paternity

There are a number of things that you may be interested in knowing about your rights as a father and paying child support. These include the establishment of paternity, cost of living adjustments, appeals, and termination orders. Getting legal proof of paternity and paying child support can help you protect your family and your child. It can also allow you […]

Rights of Grandparents to Child Custody

When determining child custody, Miami courts use a Standard Possession Order. This order outlines the days, hours, and places when each parent has access to the child. It aims to protect the best interests of the children. The court may designate one parent as the conservator or give the other parent access to the child on weekends and holidays. While […]

Getting A Top DUI Defense Attorney For Your Case

Hiring a top DUI defense attorney can be the key to a successful DUI defense case. These attorneys understand the legalities involved and have the experience to navigate through them. For instance, they know how to question the legality of a traffic stop, challenge an officer’s breathalyzer results, and even introduce evidence that could help your case. The average person […]