Many people still think that insurance and warranty on a car is the same thing. Yes, both of them provide protection benefits for the car that makes the owner feel safe. However, on the other hand, the two are different in several ways. When there is a risk to the car that can cause the car to break down, both types of protection can be chosen. However, it is important to know in advance what causes and risks occur because this affects which protection options cover it. For example, you are involved in an accident in driving a car which results in the car crashing into the road divider so that the left side of the car’s body is damaged. So, the choice of protection is car insurance. Actually, what are the main differences between car insurance and top auto warranty?

Check out the difference between these two things:

Understanding Car Insurance and warranty


A form of financial protection provided by an insurance company where the person applying for insurance acts as the insured and the insurance company as the guarantor.

The warranty

The form of warranty provided by a producer company for goods or products produced from worker error and material failure within a specified period of time, usually 3-5 years.

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