As an urban society, the toughest challenge for camping is food. Poaching of edible wild plants must be considered in such away. Author Marnie Hanel in her book entitled Cooking Books: A Cooking Recipe Guide When Camping, writes that we must make sure the food we choose is non-toxic, nutritious and filling. Meanwhile, if you need a stove for cooking during your camping trip, perhaps you need to check out some of the best camping stoves online.

Besides nature does not provide food or drinks that we want for granted. “Camping brings all the elements to the simplest level. Let alone drinks or favorite foods, we also have to adjust to existing limitations, “said Hanel

The same thing was also expressed by traveling blogger, Jeremy Pawlowski. “The lack of kitchen equipment does not prevent us from eating food properly,” he said.

Some kitchen equipment that can be brought while camping, for example, an aluminum pan, a combustion tool, and aluminum foil. The pan is used to boil foods such as eggs, meat or instant noodles. The incinerator is used to burn fish or meat. While aluminum foil is something that must be brought because it is useful for wrapping food or as a container when cooking. The use of aluminum foil is also useful to avoid burning the fish when it is burned.

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